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suke duke bersame
Sunday, November 21, 2010 | 10:20 PM | 0 vanilla(s)

muhammad hafiz bin azmee
22 years old
dye mmg sporting
always said to me "go onn lah nisah"
u are the best lah

nur hazwani binti azmee
20 years old
can keep secret with this gurl lah
biler mau blik ha?
sudah miss sgt2 ni
muhammad hariz bin azmee
19 years old
such a nakal lah this boy
suke buad masalah
tp x pe,u very funny lah areez

nur hanisah binti azmee
15 years old
very hate bullshit play boy!
they're so many ways yucks!
insyaALLAH, will success dunia n akhirat
very2 like camera

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Hi. I'm hanisah an ordinary people. let's begin my story here okeyh ;) am i annoying bitch ?? is it ? so yeah !! =) Hate me? Go on then. Keep hatin' ♥
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super duper awesome ;)

my family and all my frends .
u'll always in my heart <3

credit ;)

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