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Saturday, February 19, 2011 | 7:35 AM | 0 vanilla(s)

okeyh , nak cite sikit ni
tdi talktalk gn hairi..
than aku tnyer hairi btol ke jue bgitau dye yg aku kim salam..
haha , apelah jue ni
suke sgt mrepek
tp..tgh sembang2 tuh tibe2 putus 
owh ! shock la jugak..
ape hal tibe2 putus kan
than , aku call balik...
tgh sembang2,..
putus lagi..
aku call lagi skali...
then , putus jugak..
owh no ! why with ur phone
okeyh ! now i know why asyik2 putus
ak gune this phone

hah !
maybe my ears always touch button endcall kot
wahaha =D
ape lah hanisah ni
nk kate capang , tak 
okeyh !
enough ! 
stop about this , fullstop 
actually x tau mau entry about what
ok .. bye 
salam alaik 

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