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Thursday, June 2, 2011 | 10:49 AM | 0 vanilla(s)

heyhey =)
hari ini one day ak b'jalan2 , haha
kluar rmh pkol 9 a.m
then trus gi UTM anta spupu
lps uh driver(my brother la..haha)  bwk gi lowyat
act my daddy sruh tlong belikan external
then singgah BB , beli jam =) haha
wrne pink lagi tuh ..
yeww ! mcm gurlgurl sgt lah pulak kan
biar lah , ade aku kesah ??
then , lepak2 kat kopitiam with my brother n sista 
my brother pulak tbe2 sruh call my aunt
coz dekat gn rmh my aunt
n ktorng singgah
best2... dpt maen gn my baby , huh ??
see it 



lps tuh blik singgah umah aunt yg kt kg.subang pulak
n blik dri situ singgagh kedai 
that's all 4 today 
byebye =)

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