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3rd july
Friday, July 8, 2011 | 2:06 AM | 0 vanilla(s)

heyhey people !!
ok ! that's day my burfday
start 12 a.m
my ahli dorm wish 
s0 suprised lah kan .. hehe
then , pagi tuh ade gotong royong
my class kne basoh kolah..
after finish , batch form4 kne kumpul kat dataran
my class bwk ice cream .. time nak mkn uh
tbe2, dorng put that ice cream on my face lah
wah !! mmg best lah kan maen keja2 gn dorng 
penat lari then rehat jap..
then , snap2 pic gn all f4
abis tuh tros balik dorm .. mandi lah..
my baju dah kotor kne ice cream
ok ! ptg tuh my family dtg
w0w ! s0 suprise 

my sister make a cupcake just 4 me
terharu lah pulak..
l0ve u sis ! =)
then mlm tu just mcm biase.

0k ! thnxx t0 all yg wish burfday nisa !!

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super duper awesome ;)

my family and all my frends .
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